Are you stuck?

Mentally? Emotionally? Intellectually?


Frankly, it isn’t as bad it seems

I think our body needs it for just a little while

Coz only then we realize the importance of action

We then know how much better we are in motion.

Exercising your mind or your emotions isn’t easy nowadays.

Because? You already know the answer.

And thus all the more necessary

Today if you think about it, how many people focus on having emotional connections?

Is it because we don’t care? Or is it because we consider it unimportant?

Some of us don’t even have the time to be emotionally available.

You know what? Then make time.

Just being physically active is very, very good.

But then what do you do about it? You tell others, right? Make them aware of their health.

So why not do the same thing about your emotions?

Why not act towards extending that energy to someone?

Do you shoot a – ‘I am so sorry!!’, followed by some sad emoticons – message to someone who’s going through something terrible? Or do you go and meet that person?

I agree. It isn’t always practical. But even if you do it once, you won’t feel so stuck.

Being emotionally and mentally fit is all about sharing what you have with someone who really needs it.

Symbiosis always helps you grow together with someone.IMG_20170701_195033_649.jpg


Breathe in, breathe out

I have been one of those people who let go of their fears only to acquire new ones. I agree that it isn’t easy to be fearless, but easy to be afraid.

I agree it isn’t simple to accept failure. It is easy to wallow in the negativity.

It is easy to always complain instead of finding a solution to the many problems you face.

But if you keep on choosing the easier paths, if you keep on looking for answers inside your comfort zone, how will you learn new things?

If you choose to tread on the lesser traveled roads without letting the fears and insecurities hold you down, life will be simpler in spite of the thousand more battles you might face.

So just breathe in, breathe out and bid goodbye to what is holding you back.

Count your trees

IMG_0115The bird who sings when everyone sleeps

Do you hear a happy song or does it really weep?

The butterfly that flutters it’s beautiful wings

Is it looking for nectar or a place to rest in peace?

The squirrel, a chatterbox during the day

Even with its mouth full, it has so much to say!

Tiny bee-eaters, and  their ‘tree-tree-tree’

Are they calling out to the actual treasures we need?

Those tiny insects crawling under our feet

Are they huge armies prepping secretly?

Bats feeding noisily on fruits in sleeping trees

Their role in pollination sometimes goes unseen

Sparrows are declining, pigeons are seen on every ledge

What else is increasing that we now need to pledge?

Maybe it is the greed that goes unnoticed

On every corner and every street

Instead of cutting down the homes

Of those who can’t speak

Have you ever listened to their silent pleas?

If you feel these creatures are useless, think twice mate!

With many of them dying,

the food pyramid is crumbling at double the rate

Every selfish step we take takes us closer to the end

Of human race

2017-11-29 12.22.28 1.jpg

The Prophet and the Poet

Watching a live play is something extraordinary. It is refreshing. No retakes. No pauses or replays. It is all right there, happening right in front of you. All of your senses are alert and unlike a movie, you don’t need popcorn with it. You just need a bit of curiosity.

So a while back I watched my first stage play called ‘The Prophet and the Poet’. And as interesting as the title of the play, so is the theatre group performing it. ‘Bangalore Little Theatre’ its called. Lovingly known as BLT, it’s now completed more than half a century of existence, making it Bangalore’s oldest language theatre group.

As the stage actors were getting geared up for their performance, I was informed that this one was a different form of stage-play, one that an amateur like me might find a bit difficult to grasp. Ignoring my irritation and a bit (more) anxious now, I sat there observing. They had used minimal colors and props. Black curtains adorned the room which now hosted a chattering crowd. Wooden tables with plush white tablecloths gave a serene touch to the whole scene. The performers were ready and bubbling with excitement. Their expressions showed no nervousness. And I thought to myself that to be in such a state of utter joy and peace didn’t just require unhindered dedication but also an undying love for history and the beauty it holds.

Soon Mr. Vijay Padaki, the director, came on stage and silenced the crowd with his heavy, and impressive voice. What I loved about this guy, was that he didn’t go on to brag or even talk about the play. He just introduced BLT, the stage actors and said that giving an outline of the play would spoil its essence. And with a smile, he exited the stage leaving the audience impatient for the play to begin. On the other hand, I was getting really jittery in my seat. One shouldn’t have to wait for so long for anything. Especially if it was their first time, right?

As the lights were dimmed, the soft clear voice of the narrator introducing herself and the characters transformed my irritation into eagerness and my frown into a grin. So smiling like an idiot, I started seeing why Mr. Padaki didn’t want to reveal the plot.

It transported me to the pre-independence era when British Raj had set firm roots on Indian soil. A live history lesson taught through the letters exchanged between Gandhiji (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) and Gurudev (Rabindranath Tagore), words yet again showed their unique power to arouse emotion and hold attention.

The narrator took us through the riveting conversations between Gandhiji and Gurudev over 25 years of their friendship. A journey through the letters’ content exposed us to the ideological differences between these two iconic figures regarding the freedom movement in India. To top it all, we also witnessed enactments of a few face-to-face meetings between the two, showing how their respect for each other never faded. The Prophet and the Poet had me glued to the stage like a butterfly sipping on nectar.

Without realizing, I had put myself in their shoes and almost felt what they might have at that point. I had sensed their anxieties, their struggles, their fear and their undying desire to live in a free country. I suddenly felt really grateful for living as a free individual, in a democratic nation. And happy to have relived history through the Prophet and the Poet.

Photo courtesy: The Logical Indian


When only a smile was enough


Children find joy in candies and clay.

For them, even a smile is enough

instead of ‘how are you today?’

They grow up into toddlers

with some still half dazed.

Life for them is mostly ‘I want’ or ‘No way!’

Then in the blink of an eye, time passes by.

We see teenagers with raging hormones.

And their first pimple or lie

is enough to make them cry.

Adulthood is what they long and want.

Desperate for that they, wait and wait.

But when they arrive at this final stage,

reality strikes them hard and takes center stage.

Some tiny expectations here and there.

A few broken promises and they run for help.

Questions come flying like a thousand arrows.

Aiming straight for IQs and EQs or even their egos.

Some follow a leader, some become heroes.

Some leave their nests with nothing but a zero.

‘Soon’, they all think ‘Soon, life will get better.’

It may be wrong to discourage

or even to exaggerate.

‘But the truth is always bitter’, its said.

The ‘soon’ doesn’t always come as expected.

And in those moments,

adulthood is no longer wanted.

All we want is to be children again.

Dazed but free from the endless tests.

Ignorant but blessed in our innocent nests.

Happy with our candies and clay.

When even a smile was enough

instead of ‘what’sup?’ and ‘hey!’



Loved it!

This and that


Ain’t we blessed to be on this planet? Surrounded by an astounding nature, one should never experience boredom here. The ripples created when silent breeze pesters a quiet lake, mutating colours of an evening sky, hatching of an egg by a cute little chick, a river changing its course, lightning in the night sky, and oh! dont forget the tiny ants; discipline and teamwork is their virtue. Earth is miraculous and full of surprises. A little patience is all you need to observe it.

I sat down on a spiny surface of rock on the edge of a pond, hoping to see atleast one bird. I was certain a few were hiding in the dense colony of water Hyacinth that enveloped the pond from the sides. The marsh reeds would wiggle as the birds moved. It increased my excitement.

I waited for quite a long time. It was long before a…

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Pune, India.




India is a land full of alluring treasures. From the most colorful streets filled with food vendors, and mouth-watering dishes, the all famous ‘speed-breaker’ cows, must-visit historical monuments, to the most diverse habitats and wildlife, you will want to explore this land in whichever way you can.

WP_20140724_19_17_02_Pro (4)
The Mula Mutha River

Pune is one of those cities where vintage meets modern. The 7th populous city in India, it rests on the Deccan Plateau in the state of Maharashtra. ‘Pune tithe kaay une!‘, they say. This saying in Marathi simply means that Pune lacks nothing. I have been happily nestling in this city for 8 years, and I can second the saying. From being a city that once hosted the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire to a city which now hosts the Oxford of the West (the Savitribai Phule University), Pune has its own set of perks. One of them being the super-tasty food joints.


As students from all over the world flock to this city in large numbers, food business thrives like anything. Cafes are now seen on almost every corner. There are tons of them. But finding the perfect one takes some time and experience. So when you are away from home and have one of those hunger pangs, when you are not too hungry for a meal, but also starving for a snack (and some tea, of course), these places are a boon for your stomach and your pocket.


So it was one of those hunger pang days. I was walking down the Fergusson College Road, hungrily searching for a place to gorge on something tasty and I came across this Iranian joint. The Good Luck Cafe, it said. One of my friends had mentioned about this place being really awesome. But she forgot to mention about it being very crowded. You can imagine my disappointment when I had to wait for 2 whole minutes (What? I was really hungry!), not missing my chance to ask a few people there about the menu specials. Some suggested I try the bun maska. Others said, missing out on the Mutton dishes would be sinful. As I didn’t trust my stomach enough, I settled with the safer option. The Bun maska. And I am so glad I chose to have that.

This famous Iranian staple is nothing but Maska (Marathi for home-made butter) slathered onto soft oven-fresh buns. This you can have with or without chai (tea). The combo looks good, but tastes even better!

So if you are planning to visit Pune anytime soon, Good Luck Cafe is a perfect pit stop.

Keep exploring!

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Bun Maska with Chai