Despite Controversy, Snow Leopards Might Lose Endangered Status

The Jaguar

Snow Leopard Play by Strichpunkt. CC0 1.0 Public Domain.

A lot has happened regarding snow leopards (Panthera uncia) in the past two months. Genetic analyses revealed that there are three subspecies of snow leopards, and world leaders recently met to strengthen their efforts to protect this enigmatic cat. Now, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is considering downgrading the snow leopard’s threat status from Endangered to Vulnerable. As this article by Prerna Bindra demonstrates, this has led to controversy.

The IUCN Red List is the most prestigious system for determining the extinction risk of non-human animals. It classifies species in the following categories, ranging from least to most threatened: Least Concern, Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, Extinct in the Wild, and Extinct. The threat level a species is placed in helps determine how much funding is directed to its conservation, and how seriously…

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Money or no money

We always pay a price

For all the things we say

Even for the things we don’t

Young or old

We always experience love

In many forms and states

Even its absence up close

Success or failure

We always learn lessons

From the classrooms to our folks

Even when we keep no scores

So stop thinking too much

Just keep yourself engaged

In things and people you love

Stop limiting your happiness

To yourself.

Spread the love!

Sometimes I wish

When I dream, sometimes I wish all we do is lay on the soft grass on a mountain top.

Trying to squint our eyes, gazing up at the flying butterflies

Sometimes I wish we keep our secrets stored in jars.

Like fireflies waiting to fly away, spreading wings into the dark night.

Sometimes I wish we stay up late

Trying to hear those small sounds that are suddenly loud in the silent of the night

Sometimes all I wish is to be that tiny insect that crawls out of its house

Going on a night trail. Exploring. And learning.

When I dream sometimes I wish to be a child again.

Not youtubing the news thats trending or worrying about hidden meanings.

Sometimes I wish life was not such a race against time or a fight between a cause and its policies.

Sometimes I wish that we could really see where we are heading.

Do something. Anything to keep the mind from bleeding.

When I dream, sometimes I wish.


We sometimes find refuge in words.

In never ending verses

In songs that speak to strangers

In unintended whispers

We become nomads of time

Under the open skies of our minds

Trusting love to lead us

Resting with peace in our end times

And then when we wake up

Slowly opening our eyes

To what lies ahead in time

To what we once had in mind

Wondering what’s real.

Again. Rewind.

At least once

You cannot try everything at once. You cannot try everything everytime either. But you can try all the things that you put your soul into.

You can either be a hurricane and destroy everything. Or you can be the fresh, cool wind that makes people smile with their eyes closed. So decide now. At this moment. You can try everything atleast once if you put your heart and soul into it. Or you cannot.

It is up to you to start walking towards the light. The light might grow dim or it might flicker. But you can still see it. You can always rely on it. As long as you trust yourself, you can go on. As long as you are your own light, you can go on. So don’t waste time on things that make you weak. But choose the harder paths. You are the light of the world. So keep going.

Are you hiding?

In this vast expanse of unwanted judgements, and overrated feelings, don’t fall into the trap of hiding yourself. If you feel that you are weird, be weird. If you feel that you are not so social, remember there’s nothing wrong with it.If you feel that you are chirpy, its really cool to be so. But if you feel that you might be going wrong somewhere, then maybe you need to pause a bit, and take it slow. If that tiny voice inside your head tells you to wait, then maybe you should wait.

Life is short, sure. But its also a one way journey. So instead of keeping or hiding behind your own built walls, open up to friends about your struggles and misery. Coz hey, what’s life without stories?

Sky said to the Earth

The sky said to the earth “In a sea of million images, I want to click one picture that describes you well enough. That one picture of you to make me go through many lost moments so that I know I can be found again. I am vast but I see you anywhere I go. I would be lost if I didn’t see you. Most people fail to know the storm brewing within me. You know it though.

“But now, you have become weak and so have I. The cycle which we had has been disturbed. I have a hole in my heart which is burning your skin. I was made to protect you from the danger beyond. But my life is on a thread now. I want to make it right. I cannot do it without the help of those who have brought this upon us though. Those who inhabit you yet fail to take care of you. Those who use your resources yet fail to replenish it…”

This is something sad yet true. We celebrate such days like earth day, environment day, water day and many more..but do we do anything else on other days which might improve the state of our planet?